Welcome back my cupcake! Did you have a good time (like I even need to ask - it's 'Muricaaaaa *-*)?

Hey dude! OMG I had the most epic of times thank you! Just moved into my new home so hopefully Photoshop will be a regular occurrence from now on lolololol

I’m back from America!!

Also I started Game of Thrones today. MISTAKE.

Anonymous wrote:

Hello there! Don't know if I'm the only one with this issue, but the little arrow that directs me to the next page of your blog doesn't seem to work.

Darnit! Ok il try and get it fixed, thanks!

does anyone know where there are HD/bluray LOST caps? I know hotn do certain seasons, I’m specifically looking for season 4 but nowhere seems to have any!

"women should be at home pregnant by the age of 26" but yeah ok so this isn’t pressurising women at all like the chances I’ll a) have a home and b) be pregnant and c) actually be ready for a child (because really why is nobody considering whether women will actually be ready by 26) are so slim like when I’m 26 I’ll just be happy to finally having my sleep patterns closer to normal